What is Fauceting.com and how does it work?
Fauceting.com is an hybrid service between a list of faucets and an advertising platform.
Advertisers can promote their business to real, cryptocurrencies users at low rates by creating and sponsoring faucets that show a banner or iframe of their websites.
Earners can get coins by simply clicking on the faucets and resolving a captcha. With one single account, you have access to a large list of faucets and multiple currencies.


How do I earn?
Go to SURF FAUCETS tag and choose any Faucet from the list. You will be presented a page with a title and a banner or iframe of the Faucet's Sponsor. You must view the site until the timer counts down to 0. Once this happens, a button will appear labelled "Claim Reward" or "Claim Ticket". First resolve the captcha and then click on the button.
If the reward type is "faucet", you'll be paid instantly to your account. If the type is "deluge" then you will get a ticket with a lucky number. When all the necessary tickets for a draw are distributed, then a winner is automatically picked.
How much can I earn from one claim?
Rewards differ depending on the customization made by the advertiser when the campaign is created. The minimum reward is 1 satoshi without ad, 10 satoshi for banner ad and 20 satoshi for iframe ad. This value can increase depending on the exposition time and the claim frequency (Campaigns with unique visits and 60 seconds exposition time, will pay considerably more). Deluges also offer bigger rewards. A deluge is a kind of free lottery, where only 1 winner gets the whole prize.
How affiliate program works?
When you create an account, a unique and personal referral code is generated. Go to MY ACCOUNT tag and then click on REFERRALS button to check your referral link. Use this link in any forum, banner, website, email and get as many referrals as you can. Each time that one of your referrals gets a reward you will receive the 5%.
How to withdraw my coins?
As soon as your balance reaches the minimum payment of 0.0005 BTC (or equivalent value for other currencies) you can go to MY ACCOUNT and click on WITHDRAW button. Payments are usually instantly, if the hot wallet is empty or the amount is very huge, then it may need manual confirmation which can take a maximum of 48 hours.


How do I create a campaign?
Go to CREATE CAMPAIGN tag and choose the type of campaign-faucet that you desire. You can customize almost every aspect of your campaign: the currency, type of ad, the reward amount, etc. Once you are satisfied with the design of your campaign, submit the form. A new page will open with the amount to pay and the address where to send the deposit. We are going to automatically activate your faucet as soon as the transaction has the necessary confirmations.
How to choose the right type of campaign?
Depending on what you are trying to achieve some options may be better than others. If you just want to giveaway coins, create a campaing with "none" ad. To get a lot of visits in a short period of time you can choose a claim frequency "hourly". If you want unique visitiors choose "unique". If you want users to see all the details of a website, choose the type "iframe" and a long exposure time like 30 or 60 seconds.
How much is the fee?
The service fee varies depending on the type of campaign. Usually there is a fixed amount to pay per claim as advertisement concept plus a % of the reward amount. See the following example of prices (BTC). Faucets without advertisement only pay a 10% fee (50% of which goes to affiliates), so the return to earners is 95% of the deposited amount.
No ad Banner ad Iframe ad
Hourly 0 + 10% 0.00000005 + 20% 0.00000010 + 20%
Daily 0 + 10% 0.000000062 + 20% 0.000000125 + 20%
Weekly 0 + 10% 0.000000075 + 20% 0.000000150 + 20%
Unique 0 + 10% 0.00000010 + 20% 0.00000020 + 20%
How to check the results?
Go to MY CAMPAIGNS tab, you will see a list of your campaigns. By clicking the DETAILS button, you can check the status of the campaign, the current balance and the number of claims and impressions. A claim is when one user successfully gets a reward from the faucet. An impressions is any time that a user views the faucet page.


You can use our support system for any question: Go to support page